The Guy Behind The Deal

Since age 5, I have been a car enthusiast in every way possible. From working on cars with my father throughout my adolescence, to purchasing my first used car, a 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic, right after obtaining my driver’s license at age 16, I have been a car guy. Over the span of 15 years, I have purchased some 35 cars across 7 different states for my personal use. I have also assisted most of my family and friends in purchasing their vehicle (some 25 additional cars).

What really has made me passionate about helping others in the vehicle buying process was an experience I had when my grandmother went to purchase her car. The salesman, and dealership in general, attempted to sell her everything that she didn’t need, in addition to overpricing the vehicle. One thing I greatly dislike is people taking advantage of other people. Unfortunately, this is rampant in the car industry: hence, why most people hate the car buying process. From salespeople that have no clue about the features of the vehicle, to them making you sit at the nondescript table in the middle of the dealership for hours going back and forth with their manager, to finally the finance manager attempting to sell you every warranty, coating, and Lo-jack known to man. It is all unpleasant.



Let me use my knowledge of cars (I’ve owned everything from hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to diesel pickup trucks), my knowledge of how car dealerships operate, and my skills at negotiating to get you the best deal possible on your next knew car. It’s time to enjoy your new car instead of feeling like you were just taken advantage of. Contact us today!